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Interconnectedness Art Exhibition

Fri, Aug 2, 2024

Solo Exhibition by Shaina Rose Platt

July 30 - August 3, 2024
Reception: Friday, August 2nd | 6-8PM

Interconnectedness is a collection of paintings that explores the relationships that define human existence. From familial bonds to friendships, encounters with strangers, and introspective moments, Platt explores how these relationships connect us all and how capturing them in art allows viewers to connect themselves to the subjects of the paintings.

We define ourselves not only as individuals but also through the relationships we form and our connections to others. This body of work invites the viewer to engage with the relationships between the subject and the artist, as well as to reflect on their own connections to the people in their lives. Platt explores how a relationship with the subject impacts their depiction on the canvas. Is it possible to paint a stranger with the same care as a family member? Can the process of creating a portrait allow you to feel closer to the subject?

These questions inspire the artist to continue creating portraiture in an attempt to discover more about her own relationships with strangers, loved ones, and even herself. The viewer is invited to consider the process of creation in relation to this discovery and reflection on the artist’s relationships, and how it can relate to their own interconnectedness.

Greensboro Project Space
111 East February One Place

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