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Maritzaida: La Música de Sylvia Rexach y Tuti Umpierre In The Crown

Sat, Apr 27, 2024
Carolina Theatre Greensboro The Crown

¡Vive la experiencia del bolero! In The Crown

Join us for a fantastic evening of music to celebrate the third album release for SideHustle Records recording artist and traditional bolero singer, Maritzaida. This concert and her newest album, Alma Adentro: La Música de Sylvia Rexach y Tuti Umpierre (April 2024), are a tribute to the work of two Puerto Rican icons from a past era: singer/composer Sylvia Rexach and guitarist Tuti Umpierre.

Kevin Van Sant will open the evening.

Tickets are $20 in advance; $25 at the door.
Ticket Commission: A $3 processing fee and NC Sales Tax per ticket
Box Office opens at 8:00pm for this event only.

This event is seated.

The Crown at the Carolina, located on the third floor, started its life as the 1927 vaudeville theatre’s original sign shop, churning out iconic posters and ads for early touring shows and movies. After spending the decades that followed as a storage area, the space underwent its first phase of renovation to open to the public as The Crown in September 2013.

Now a high-tech, flexible performance space, The Crown is celebrated for its delicate acoustics, inviting ambiance, intimate setting, as well as its accessibility to the Triad’s performing arts community. Warm, exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and huge lead-paned windows (original to the building) bring the room its natural, historic, up-cycled “cool” factor.