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The Hair Journey - 15th Anniversary Gala & Premiere

Tue, Apr 23, 2024

The Hair Journey - Premiere & Gala Night

Join us for an enchanting evening as we celebrate the premiere of the much anticipated Hair Journey Ballet as well as a gala to celebrate 15 years of dancing, teaching, and inspiring our community.

Guests are encouraged to wear dramatic hair and dress with flair! Showcase your favorite weaves, wigs, and natural hairstyles.

All guests will have access to a floating reception which starts at 5:30 pm. You will enjoy hors d'oeuvres, beverages, and a chance to walk our hair carpet and get photos with our lead characters: Zuri, Mom, The Weave Queen, and Nywele, Queen of the Land of Locs and Fros.

This live performance, Directed by Morgan "Flowerchild" Jones, will feature an original musical score by composer, Sharneisha Joyner which will be played by a live orchestra conducted by Dr. Ronnal Ford. The costumes are all custom-designed by Daniele Herbin and made with love from her and other community members. The performance will also feature set design by Wanda Baker-Attmore and the stage will be lit up by Lovett Lighting for an unforgettable and magical evening.

This event and show is appropriate for all ages and we highly encourage bringing your children to be a part of this ground-breaking performance.

Story Synopsis

The Hair Journey is a story written by Princess Johnson. Zuri’s mom always kept her hair neatly braided, but Zuri constantly asked her mom if she could wear her hair straight. Finally, one day Zuri’s mom took her to get her hair straightened. Excited about her new doo, Zuri showed it off to her friends, but to her dismay rain clouds gathered and her silky smooth hair puffed back out into an afro.

She ran home embarrassed and fell asleep crying only to awaken in the Weave Kingdom with the Weave Queen hovering over her. The Weave Kingdom quickly jumps into action to give Zuri a makeover. As time passes, Zuri gets older and longs to return home. She hears a drum beating in the distance and stumbles upon the Land of Locs and Fros where she meets Nywele, the Queen. They transform Zuri back into a little girl and dance the night away. She falls asleep and wakes up to her mom braiding her hair.


Young Zuri - Brevin Gilliam

Older Zuri - Atiyah Wright

Mom - LaStasia Davis

The Weave Queen - Tanae Walker

Nywele, Queen of the Land of Locs and Fros - Jade Donnell

The Hair Stylist - Tayon McLaughlin

Ensemble: Evelyn Harvey (Young Zuri Understudy), Kennedi Opata (Older Zuri Understudy), Brooke Gilliam (Mom Understudy), Payton Herbin, Bailey Gilliam, Chandra Pulliam (Weave Queen Understudy), Jasmine Powell (Nywele Understudy), Tenshi Dailey, Jewelle Russell, Caprina Rogers, Natalia Moss, Danica Lennon, Nadia Wright, LaShari Clemmons, and Kieanna Bruinton