An initiative funded by Guilford County

Public Art Installation Workshop with Mila Cornelius & Sunny Gravely-Foushee

Sat, Feb 17, 2024

We're excited to invite you to our FREE Public Art Installation Workshop, led by the talented Mila Cornelius and Sunny Gravely-Foushee, at the Sharon Community Outreach Center.

This event is a special call to all Stoneville residents to engage in the creation of a unique public art piece that will be a beacon of our community's creativity and spirit.

During this workshop, we'll dive into the process of conceptualizing and planning a public art installation that captures the essence of Stoneville. It's a chance for you to bring your ideas to the table and learn how these concepts can be transformed into a tangible and meaningful art piece in our town.

We welcome everyone—artists, hobbyists, and community members alike—to contribute their perspectives and ideas. Your participation is vital in shaping a bright and artistic future for Stoneville.