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First Choice at GreenHill

Thu, Nov 30, 2023
GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art
YOU"RE INVITED! First Choice is the VIP experience for all art lovers and those looking to purchase art from North Carolina artists. First Choice attendees get to purchase art from our 2023 Winter Show before anyone else. To attend First Choice, you purchase an art credit. You then use that art credit to purchase art, crafts, or anything from the gift shop. This is a great way to collect from North Carolina artists for your own home, and find gifts for the holiday season. All purchases are tax free. GreenHill members at the Contributor and above levels receive 10% off. PURCHASE ART CREDITS AT THE LINK. $1000 (receive 2 tickets to Collector’s Choice) $2500 (receive 4 tickets to Collector’s Choice) Art Credits are not tax deductible, but can be purchased in the name of a business. Purchase with check or Venmo recommended; processing fees will be added if purchased with credit card. Check on your membership status by emailing or call (336) 333-7460.