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Communicating Doors at Greensboro College

Thu, Apr 11, 2024
Fri, Apr 12, 2024
Sat, Apr 13, 2024
Sat, Apr 13, 2024

Communicating Doors
By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by Jo Hall
April 11-13 at 7:30 pm and April 13 at 2:00 pm
Ms. Poopay Dayseer, a Specialist Sexual Consultant, is called to "service" an elderly hotel room client but, instead, she finds herself running for her life. In an attempt to escape danger, she enters a door that transports her 20 years into the past, where she meets Ruella, a woman who apparently died under mysterious circumstances during this time. In an attempt to avoid tragedy, the women embark on further time travel, all the while developing a friendship that will change their lives forever. This time-travelling comedy thriller will have you on the edge of your seat, gasping one moment, and laughing the next.